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A more recent addition is the Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace. This is an auction style market for vintage computing and vintage gaming enthusiasts to use as an alternative to the more generalized auction and sales sites. With the VCGM buying, selling and trading vintage computer and classic gaming gear is free and easy.

This listing is for a tested working vintage Commodore 128 computer with power supply. It is missing its F1/F2 button and its F3/F4 button is loose and falls out easily, so we're offering it for sale as-is and will not be accepting returns. Please see our photos for best assessment, and feel free to ask any questions you may have before making your purchase.

Vintage Computer Room Inspired by computer rooms from the 60s and 70s.

3.0GHz 8 Core CPUアップグレード Mac Pro 2006 16,500円 3.2GHz 8 Core CPUアップグレード Mac Pro 2008 22,800円 Vintage Computer でしか見つからない、超ビンテージ品!

Welcome to SellMyRetro is a trading website aimed at the retro computer and vintage electronics collectors and traders, with many items of hardware and software for Sinclair, Commodore home computers and games consoles. It is free to list items for sale, and we only charge low final value fees.

Coming from out of town? Or just want to stay up all night? Reserve a room at the hotel. Need a table for sales, exhibition or both? We'll be taking table reservations soon! CONTACT: [email protected] Twitter #vcfmw on Freenode IRC