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White may seem like the perfect paint color for a small room because it can brighten up dark corners and reflect light all around. The dated idea that small rooms should only be to be painted white thankfully has been replaced with an unlimited palette of colors. White paint in a small room can actually make it look boxy and bland.

Dependable, versatile, warm, and subtle, it's one of the best paint colors for a bedroom. A super light taupe shade will contrast just enough with crisp bright interiors while also injecting some

Use monochromatic paint colors throughout the room to create fluidity and space. Painting the room with different or opposite colors will segment off portions of the room when viewing, making it feel smaller. This small room uses shades of blue to coordinate the flow of color. 3) Paint the trim a slightly lighter color

White can also create a soothing atmosphere; pair with soft shades and neutrals or, for a contemporary looks that pops, bright or black accents. Lighter shades and pastels can also help a small room feel larger and more airy.

Paints are the Important element for house , even while choosing pint we need to be careful , paint plays an important role for the size of the room , as like rich and deep teal dark colour helps rooms look bigger , pink and orange colour gives a retro feel , deep green would be the perfect experiment for your room , high glow yellow is the most beautiful colour , it would be most beautiful when the radiance of the morning sun falls on the wall , navy and red is also the most beautiful

"Paint color sets the tone of the space," says McGee. "A fresh white will make most spaces feel clean and updated instantly." This small living room looks light and refreshed thanks to the white paint color and large windows, which both make the space appear quite large.