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Luxury Craftsman with Walkout Basement - 17521LV

Craftsman House Plans. The Craftsman house displays the honesty and simplicity of a truly American house. Its main features are a low-pitched, gabled roof (often hipped) with a wide overhang and exposed roof rafters. Its porches are either full or partial width, with tapered columns or pedestals that extend to the ground level.

Luxury Hillside House Plans with Walkout Basement - A sloping lot may add character to your house and yard, but these lots can be challenging when building. 1 method to get the most from the slope of your lot that is preferred is to pick a house plan.

Walkout Basement House Plans The ideal answer to a steeply sloped lot, walkout basements offer extra finished living space with sliding glass doors and full sized windows that allow a seamless transition from the basement to the backyard.

Walkout basement house plans allow the homeowner to build a home with a basement that spills onto a patio or covered porch, providing ease and accessibility. For those seeking additional bedrooms, a walkout basement house plan will allow guests and homeowners privacy yet still provide windows and a backyard view, rather than feel trapped

Those who have achieved success in life are looking for luxury homes that reflect their achievements. This collection of Luxury house plans fulfills those aspirations, with expansive floor plans to answer the desire for additional living and entertaining space, and high-end options to add luxurious touches.

Some of our hillside house plans include a walk out basement. But keep in mind that if the house you like was designed for a below ground or daylight basement, and the slope of your lot is steep enough, the plans can be easily modified to a walk out by your builder.