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In addition to its function, brand and style will affect your final faucet installation cost. Nonetheless, after analyzing thousands of faucet replacement projects, the cost to install your new faucet should range between $200 and $550. Kitchen Faucet Installation Costs The sink that gets the most use in any home usually falls in the kitchen.

The flimsy particleboard bottoms in most kitchen and bathroom sink bases are often swollen and moldy from leaks. The best fix is to cut them out and replace them. Let's face it—it's easy to get water on the floor of your sink base cabinet. We'll never understand why cabinetmakers use

The average cost to replace a kitchen sink is typically around £400 with the price depending on what type of sink you choose and the amount of extra pipework required. The price of materials would be around £200 which assumes a mid-range stainless steel kitchen sink, taps and other materials required for fitting.

In general, kitchen sinks cost more to install because they are larger and often need to be connected to additional fixtures, such as a garbage disposal or faucet with a flexible spray nozzle. Installation can cost anywhere from $150 to a few thousand dollars. Some kitchens allow for a dual sink option, which adds to the price.

If access is limited or there's extensive rust and corrosion installation fees can rise to $250-$500 or more, especially if existing pipes or parts need replacing. A basic stainless steel kitchen sink starts at $40-$100 but averages $125-$450; designer or restaurant models can be as high as $500-$2,500 or more.

In most cases, replacement sinks need to be the same size as the current sink, particularly if using a vanity or sink-base cabinet in a kitchen. Even with a new countertop, it is the size of the cabinet that determines the size of the sink.